Caribbean Supply is an all-round-service company that assists companies and private individuals during the purchase, the quality control and the transportation of products, equipments and goods from Europe, USA and China to the Caribbean region.  Our service aims to maintain a lasting trust relationship with our clients and suppliers


We help you find suitable suppliers throughout a selection process that takes suitability, quality and competitive prices into account.  In order to have the certainty that your products and goods fulfill your wishes, we take into consideration the following aspects:

  • quality control of the purchased products and goods
  • dispatch of the order
  • transportation of your order to the destination
  • control, management and optimization of the goods and information flow (supply chain management)

In short, thanks to our all-round service, you have the perfect solution for all your purchases from Europe, USA and China


We provide services for both companies and private individuals.  By using our total approach, we can adapt to your specific wishes, in a professional and flexible way, with creative and logistical solutions to make the right purchase.

If you already have a supplier or your order is just made, we help you with further procedures and take care the delivery arrives safely at your address