You can let us know which products, goods and materials you need for your company, project or private matters.  Our all-round service can arrange a deal so that the supplier provides the best quality at a competitive price.

In order to reach an agreement over price and quality, we not only negotiate, but also take into account the following aspects:

  • objective attitude
  • assessment of the performance
  • relationship with the suppliers

Especially the last point is essential for the success of your company.  So that we can keep the sharpness, we work, as a professional purchaser, towards a strong collaboration and lasting relationship with our suppliers.  The time and attention we devote to the building-up and maintenance of this relationship define the quality of our all-round service, from which you, as client, eventually benefit.


The quality of the goods, products and materials that the suppliers deliver to our clients is of great importance.  That is why we work exclusively with trustworthy suppliers who consider quality the highest priority.

Nevertheless quality cannot be taken for granted.  There is always the chance that human or production errors are made.  In order to be sure that your specifications are well-understood, we can carry out an inspection or factory audit.  By means of an inspection before the production process starts, we can monitor if:

  • all the specifications are carried out correctly
  • the materials meet the required quality standards
  • the parts and the accessories are being used in accordance with the correct procedure

In order to check the end product, we carry out several random tests during and after the production process.

We implement a pre-shipment inspection when the cargo is ready to be shipped to your destination.  This inspection before shipment provides certainty concerning the actual delivery of your order.  We monitor the quality, the quantity, the packaging and the required documents of the shipment.


We work with professional carriers who can flexibly adapt to any transportation need.  Thanks to the diverse means of transportation, it is not relevant if you want to transport a package, pallet or container.  Depending on the volume, the speed of the delivery and the budget, you can choose to transport by air or sea.  Tell us your specific transportation needs and we arrange it for you.


A delayed delivery is a possible threat to the continuity of your business management or your project execution.  That is why a reliable delivery is beneficial.  Our delivery plan means optimal control of the total lead time of your order.  We carry out this by registering clear delivery agreements such as:

  • agreements with the suppliers for just-in-time (JIT) delivery
  • the lead time for dispatch, distribution and transportation of your order
  • calculation of the time needed for the custom clearance of your shipment
  • by means of an online tracking you can follow, every time you wish, the status of your shipment.


With regard to our all-round service we are constantly optimizing the logistical processes.  Supply Chain is a method which considerably improves the logistical performance.

Your goods flow is efficiently organized which means you will save in order, transportation and stock costs.

The technological development forces us to be creative.  In order to organize the logistical processes in a more innovative manner, mobile applications like ‘apps’ and social media are also being used.  As a result we achieve a better service and a strong collaboration with our suppliers.